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Smart Income Plus

Secure your own future Plus the future of your own.

Instructor: Jibal Bobby

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Why this course?

This Digital Course will help the learner to understand key concepts Smart Income Plus.

This Course contains chapter-wise Presentations in the form of Videos with Hindi as audio, which will make it easy for the learner to understand concepts well. 

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Product Videos

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Case Studies         

Course Curriculum

Course Snapshot

Chapter 1 : Key Benefits

Chapter 2 : How does the plan work?
Chapter 3 : Eligibility Criteria at a Glance
Chapter 4 : Key benefits in details
Chapter 5 : Additional Benefits and Features
Chapter 6 : Case Study 1: Retirement Planning for 40 Year-Old with Income Option
Chapter 7 : Case Study 2: Retirement Planning for 40 Year-Old Riders
Chapter 8 : Case Study 3: Retirement Planning for 40 Years with Endowment Option
Chapter 9 : Case Study 4: Education Planning for 3-Year-Old Child with Income Option
Chapter 10 : Case Study 5: Marriage Planning for 3-Year-Old Child with Endowment Option

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